Welcome to Co’s documentation!

Co is a Python library for accessing and altering annotated DNA sequences. It keeps track of components and lifts over feature annotations when a component is “mutated” by applying a series of mutations. With co you can build new consensus sequences for cloned organisms and trace changes to features within a lineage.

Road map

  • Future releases may include a version tracking system to track and propagate updated mutations due to e.g. better re-sequencing. Versioned components will maintain the relationship to the component’s child component. Most likely, versions will be hashes of sequences and their mutations.
  • An improved non-strict mode with better tolerance for overlapping mutations is planned.
  • Cross-referencing between components through source feature annotations, with use for e.g. parts libraries and BioBricks.
  • As this is a very early release of co, there is a long list of general improvements—they will be developed on demand.

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